Maison was founded by Kimberly Barbato in 2019 and originally named Goldie Laine, for her grandmothers, Goldie and Elaine.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Kimberly has always had an eye for simple beauty and a love for natural fibers and textures. In 2019, after raising her four amazing boys and putting her 15-year yoga business on hold, she packed a carry-on and traveled around Europe for about 5 months... exploring, sourcing beautiful products, and loving French life. When she returned to her Southern California home she opened her store, in a pop-up brick and mortar seaside collective. Then in late 2020, during the Covid 19 Pandemic, she decided to take her charming little shop online. 

Kimberly believes there is a lot of beauty to be found in the uncertain, and her travels abroad helped lead her toward this new endeavor.  Offering gorgeous and traditional products from France that customers may otherwise be unable to enjoy, is a large part of her business.  However, she is deeply inspired by her California coastal life and the natural beauty that surrounds her at home. She was thrilled to have added wonderful new coastal products from California and New York to her collections in 2020. She changed the name of her shop to Maison ("home" in French) to further reflect her focus on the beauty, simplicity, and comfort of home.

She is passionate about the earth and finding ways to help keep our planet safe. From sourcing the most natural and sustainable products, to packaging and shipping in the least wasteful, and most ecologically healthy way, Kimberly believes that if we all do a little, a little will go a long way. She and her family use and love every product that she carries and her wish is to inspire in others a lifestyle filled with simple, useful, beautiful things.