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Savon de Marseille Olive Oil Cube 300g

Savon de Marseille Olive Oil Cube 300g

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300g Savon de Marseille 72% Olive Oil Cube

Savon de Marseille has been made since the 9th century, but there are presently less than 5 master soap-makers in Marseille still using the centuries-old traditional process and ingredients to make these gorgeous, 100% natural soaps.

Created from native olive oil, alkaline ash from marine plants and Mediterranean Sea salted water, these ingredients are heated in cauldrons for 10 days and then poured, hardened, and cut into cubes and stamped. Then they are set out to dry in the sun and mistral winds of Provence. Marseille Soaps are totally biodegradable and require very little, if any packaging. 

Glycerine-free, and no added dyes or perfumes.

Approximately 2.75 x 2.75 inches cube, 300g.

Sizes may vary slightly.

Made in France.

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